Deadhead Farms is a small-scale market garden with a unique approach to farming. They use human-scale techniques that prioritize building healthy soil, which yields fresh, local, and quality produce. All planting, cultivation, and harvesting are done manually, with the help of modern tools and techniques that keep the operation efficient and competitive.

The farm’s hand-farming approach has proven easier and more productive and has resulted in vegetables of higher quality. Deadhead Farms is committed to preserving the environment by using sustainable farming methods that minimize its impact on the land. This farming approach creates a healthier ecosystem and delivers more nutritious and flavorful produce to its customers.

The Farms’ dedication to serving the community with nutrient-rich, pesticide-free, locally-grown vegetables is admirable. Customers can always expect the produce to be fresh, as it is harvested only when it is ripe and in season. The farm takes every measure to ensure the quality of its produce, from using organic soil amendments to selecting the best seed varieties.

The team at Deadhead Farms strongly believes that good food is essential to a healthy lifestyle. They strive to provide their customers with the freshest and best-tasting produce they can enjoy with their family and friends. Deadhead Farms’ approach to farming is sustainable and positively impacts the local community by promoting healthy eating habits and supporting small-scale agriculture.

Some Deadhead Farms Produce:

Bagged Mixed Greens
Big Beef Tomato
Cherry Tomato
Lettuce – Green Leaf
Lettuce – Red Leaf
Red Russian Kale
Jerry’s Mix
Pea Shoots
Jerry’s Mix
Radish Microgreens
Sunflower Shoots