At Casana we take pride in being a socially responsible fashion brand. The excellence of our products is matched by the merit of our sustainable, and ethical business practices.

Cashmere is harvested and woven in Nepalese tradition with no environmental impact. We believe education and good health are imperative to a happy life. Our profit share program supports education and healthcare locally and abroad.

Founder and Creative Director Carrie Chen believes fashion empowers women. Through Casana, Carrie shares her original designs in diverse styles to appeal to women who value originality and self-expression. As a mother, landscape architect, and textile designer with little extra time, Carrie believes fashion should be easy – a scarf is the perfect accessory to add elegance to an outfit with ease.

Each spring, Casana craftsmen hand comb and collect the silky fleece from the chest, neck and underbelly of the treasured Himalayan Mountain Goat. The finest hairs are hand selected and sorted, giving Casana products the softest feel. The cashmere is delicately hand spun into a fine yarn, then woven on a traditional Nepalese handloom. Once a scarf or throw has taken form, it is a blank canvas for Carrie’s designs. Scarves are hand dyed and silk-screened one at a time. Unique designs paired with magnificent craftsmanship make Casana scarves the world’s finest.