Elijah Slocum Custom Furniture was established in 1984 and limits its business to bespoke furniture crafted in their own workshop. Above all, our focus started and remains loyally devoted to joinery as well as cabinet and chair making of the utmost quality. Whenever possible we utilize traditional time proven methods and materials.

Located in a rural village in East Anglia, Elijah Slocum Custom Furniture is staffed by Master craftsmen, many who apprenticed in our shop, using traditional skills to produce goods of the highest quality. Every drawer is hand dovetailed; every column is hand turned; every detail is hand carved; every surface hand planed. Finally each piece is French polished and hand waxed.

Though many of our pieces have found favor as presented here, we also actively pursue one goal: to craft truly custom, one-off furniture just for you. We are not talking simply about altering existing designs in our portfolio, although we will willingly undertake such projects. We mean starting with your sketches and ideas and developing exactly what you envision.

Elijah Slocum Custom Furniture is proud to demonstrate that we are continuing and developing cabinet-making practices that have been in existence in England for nearly 300 years and rarely seen elsewhere.