Star Wishes offers a variety of handcrafted stained glass stars, moons and suns in an array of spectacular colors. The process we use to create these beautiful works of art is called glass fusing.

To create these original designs each piece of stained glass is hand cut, fused and then hand beaded. We use an array of the most beautiful beads in all sizes and designs to compliment the color of each glass piece.

Attached to our many different combinations of stars, moons and suns are personalized cards making the finished artwork that “special” gift. A gift for anyone, any age, any occasion. Be it a new born baby, a house warming gift, a birthday gift or just to tell your friend how much they mean to you. Hang on your wall or in your window or in your beautiful garden and just watch the sunlight shine through to bring you all that you wish for!

Star Wishes also crafts original handmade design jewelry consisting of 93.5 fine silver. The sterling used is called argentum, which does not tarnish as easily as most sterling silver jewelry can.

With the inception of Star Wishes Inc. © in 1996 we have continued to create original elegant glass designs taking our artwork from a childhood passion to our wonderful business that we have today.