Ash Hopper Handcrafted Soap is made with local and global ingredients here in the Hudson Valley New York. All soaps are 100% Plant Based and made with Organic base oils, botanicals and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Ash Hopper proudly uses palm oil in all of their soaps. It’s sourced from Palm Done Right that connects us with organic, deforestation free, wildlife friendly, fair and social palm grown by small producers in Ecuador.

Ash Hopper Handcrafted Soap Offerings:

Emerald Body Oil
Egyptian Rose Geranium
Herbal Salve
Local Turmeric & Lemon
Dragon Blood
Swedish Pine Tar
Blueberry & Blue Tansy Skin Serum
Volcanic Sulphur Clay
Local CBD
Dead Sea Mud
Local Kombucha
Orange & Patchouli
Shampoo Bars
Indigo Lime
Local Lavender
Himalayan Cedar, Siberian Fir & Pine
Charcoal Shea Butter
Lemongrass & Spearmint