Witchey Handmade is a sustainable, ethical skincare line made of organic ingredients. Creator Hollie Witchey has been a model for over a decade and is a certified Health Coach and Herbalist. Years of self care and natural living have contributed to the development of this luxury line of skin care products.

All Witchey Handmade products are created from organic, locally grown, fresh and potent, food grade ingredients. No products are tested on animals – instead I test on actual humans, working with my community of top models, make-up artists and hair stylists.

Witchey Handmade Herbal Apothecary is pleased to carry bulk organic dried herbs, natural skincare and herbal remedies by makers in the catskill region.

We are devoted to curating a collection of regional, sustainable and ethically made products to share with the community.

Here to help! Certified herbalists will be able to guide you to a remedy and answer any questions you might have regarding holistic health.


Some Witchey Handmade Herbal Apothecary Products:

Morning Dew Facial Cleanser
Far more potent than the dazzling crystalline drops collected at daybreak, this cleanser with hydrosols distilled from organic lemon balm and wild scarlet bergamot is harvested at dawn when the plants are dew misted and at their most vibrant. Calming, soothing, antibacterial and stimulating for circulation, Morning Dew wakes up your face and has an uplifting “anti-depressant” quality.

Organic Evening Primrose Youth Serum
A concentrated blend of precious therapeutic grade healing oils including Primrose Oil and pure Rose Essential Oil. The cold-pressed oil from the seeds from the vivid yellow primrose flower revives a dull complexion and provides its famous antioxidant and antiaging benefits. Brightens under eyes, relieves eczema and psoriasis and because it works to balance hormones, it helps with breakouts.

Athena Dry Body Oil
Wild-crafted grapeseed oil from the Mediterranean, rich in polyunsaturated fat and vitamin E, blends with White Grapefruit Oils, aromatic Bergamot and grassy Palmarosa to firm skin and works to reduce toxins and the look of cellulite. This skin-refining oil leaves no residue.

Huile d’Or Organic Hair Repair
Huile d’Or is a lightweight and absorbent ends treatment that can be used daily or all through the hair and scalp as a weekly treatment. Rosemary & Cedarwood stimulate hair growth and purify the scalp.

Labyrinth Scented Candle
Hand poured, all natural, soy wax candle infused with essential oils of vetiver, cedarwood, and bergamot.

Hearth in the Gloaming Scented Candle
All natural hand poured soy wax candle Infused with essential oils of amber, clove and sandalwood.