Movable Beast Farm offers 100% grass fed beef in the Rondout Valley of New York State. Moveable Beast Farm tries as much as possible to use and imitate natural systems and provide an environment for the cattle that replicates the life that they would have in nature.

Cattle don’t receive grains or other concentrated feeds, growth hormones, chemical dewormers or antibiotics, nor do we use chemical fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers or defoliants on the land we graze.

The most economical way to purchase Movable Beast Farm beef is by the side (half animal) or split side (quarter animal).  If freezer space is an issue we also sell eighths.  Often a group of friends with limited freezer storage will purchase a side or split side to divide amongst themselves. This saves them money and divvying up the cuts becomes a social event (some of our customers have said it’s  almost as good as Christmas morning).