The Capital Q Smokehouse specialty is smoked meat. The freshest Pork, Beef Brisket and Chicken – is dry rubbed with love and with one of four seasoning rubs, smoked slowly over woodchips for hours in a traditional walk-in smoker and then pulled by hand.

The Capital Q is owned and operated by Pitmaster Sean Custer. Chef Sean, an Okie has over 25 years of restaurant experience. His culinary training includes Executive Sous Chef at the 3 Star Mark Hotel as well as General Manager of the local Classe Catering. From his roots and training Chef Sean has found the balance between fine dining, and damn fine BBQ.

Housed in the old Meister’s Meat Market, the Capital Q Smokehouse kitchen includes a smoker that has literally smoked thousands of pounds of meat over the last 75 years. Specializing in Pulled Pork, Texas Style Beef Brisket and Pork Ribs, there are options for every day of the week. With 4 original sauces and 5 original rubs, each item on the Capital Q Smokehouse menu is designed to give the palate a different taste, the patron a different experience.

Served by the piece, plate, pound or bun, Capital Q Smokehouse has a serving just for you. Complimented by a plethora of tasty side dishes, some traditional southern, others just plain delicious, you won’t walk away unsatisfied, unless you’re a Vegan. Got more mouths to feed than fingers and toes? Capital Q has a full catering menu and the ability to feed the family, the block or the neighborhood.

Selections from the Capital Q Smokehouse Menu:

  • The Naked Pig
    Smoked pork – unsauced or with our Okie, Capital Q, South Carolina sauce or with Chipotle Lime Glaze, Chipotle Mayo or Roast Garlic Mayo and topped with coleslaw, pickles or tomato
  • Okie Beef Brisket & Burnt EndsShredded smoked beef brisket in Okie sauce topped with our house cured pickles
  • The Q-Ben
    Griddled slices of smoked beef brisket with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and roasted garlic Russian dressing on Texas Toast
  •  Smoked Yardbird
    We feature only the freshest chicken, rubbed with our special seasoning blend and cooked in the smoker. You can have the bird dry rubbed, finished with Okie sauce or even Southern fried.
  • Pork Spare Ribs
    Memphis Style – dry rubbed, no sauce… for those who want to fully appreciate the flavor of the meat, smoke and seasoning
  • Kansas City Style – Memphis style ribs finished with a glaze of Okie sauce Chipotle Lime Glaze – sweet and sassy