Esperanto uses fresh ingredients, creating a variety of entrees and grab & go items not to be found anywhere else. While you’ll enjoy some of the classic “comfort foods” here, we also offer a mix lighter fare, including vegetarian and vegan items. Whatever your preference, we have something that will make you happy when you’re hungry.

During our travels we’ve experienced some amazing local restaurants, food stalls and “street foods” at small markets, in cities and small towns around the world. The idea for restaurant came from our love for the wonderful dishes we found at these unique places.

At Esperanto you can try some truly authentic ethnic foods; we’ve also modified some of the great “street food” recipes with a more health-conscious diet in mind. Of course, you can also enjoy our signature item, The Oboy (over 2 million sold!).


Selections From The Esperanto Menu:

  • Oboy – Sautéed chicken breast blended with cheeses, scallions, and our secret spice blend and baked in our own pizza dough
  • Quesadilla – Cheese, our fresh salsa and sour cream sandwiched between two flour tortillas and baked.
  • Beef Chimichanga – Chipotle barbecue ground beef, potato and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and baked.
  • Brotato – Our half-pound potato, twice baked with butter, cheese, sour cream and a touch of garlic. (GF)
  • Large 8 Cut Pizza, Gluten Free Pizza, By The Slice, Pepperoni, Sausage, Peppers, Onions, Black Olives, Jalapenos, Pork, Chicken, Colby Jack Cheese, Mushrooms, Pinto Beans and Black Beans
  • Rice & Beans – Whole red pinto or black beans tossed with “dirty rice”.

The Original Oboy

The original Oboy, created by Esperanto in Saratoga Springs, NY! Once known as the “Doughboy”, this small town staple has been consumed by hungry locals over 2 million times. The Oboy is a natural blend of mild spices, chicken breast, cheeses and green onions, wrapped in golden brown chewy doughy goodness.