Izla Restaurant is a fast casual restaurant that serves authentic home-styled cooked Puerto Rican food filled with soul and generations of flavor.

The dishes are cooked in a true Puerto Rican fashion. At IZLA we do not offer full table service, but promise a higher quality of made-to-order food with more complex flavors and without any processed ingredients.

That aroma in the air is from sofrito, a rich blend of native herbs and spices that fill every Puerto Rican kitchen. The scent and sounds of sizzling garlic, onions, ajíes dulces and recao makes your mouth water.

Puerto Rican cooking is distinct, eclectic and varied using a combination of condiments that give our food that very special aroma and flavor without being spicy.

Selections From The Izla Restaurant Menu:

  • ROAST PORK (Pernil)
  • SIRLOIN STEAK (Bistec Encebollado)
  • CARNE FRITA (Deep Fried Pork Chunks)
  • POLLO AJILLO (Chicken Fillet in Garlic Sauce)
  • LOMO SALTADO – Strips of steak, french fries, red onions, tomatoes in soy sauce
  • STUFFED SWEET PLANTAIN – With ground beef
  • PASTELON – Combination of sweet plantain, beef, greens & cheese
  • TANGO SHRIMP – Shrimp ceviche inside a split avocado
  • CARNE GUISADO – Beef stew with rice

Puerto Rican cuisine is a unique amalgamation of cultures, and recipes. The native Taíno Indians, the Spanish conquistadores, African and U.S. have all influenced what has come to be known around the island by locals as Comida Criolla. As such, even though Puerto Rican food has its roots in Caribbean and Spanish cuisine, it is its own creature.