At Soy Asian Cuisine we carefully choose the freshest and highest quality ingredients to prepare each and every dish. The entire staff takes pride in providing you with nutritious food and providing a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to ensure you enjoy your entire dining experience from beginning to the end.

All of us here at Soy Asian Cuisine will make you feel at home, whether you are a returning customer or joining us for the first time. Our priority is to provide you with exceptional service.


Selections from the Soy Asian Cuisine Menu:

  • Miso Soup – Tofu, seaweed, and scallions in soybean broth
  • hai Tom Yum Soup – Shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, tomatoes and scallions in lemongrass broth
  • Kimchi Seafood Soup – Shrimp, scallops, and crabmeat in spicy kimchi broth
  • Edamame – Steamed soybeans seasoned with sea salt
  • Scallion Pancake – Flat bread with scallion and side of garlic soy sauce
  • Chicken Satay or Beef Satay – Grilled skewers with side of peanut sauce
  • Black Pepper Steak – Wok seared steak tossed with pepper, onions and mushrooms
  • Seafood Delight – Shrimp, scallop and lobster tail in garlic sauce
  • Yaki Udon – Japanese thick noodles with scallions, carrots and onions
  • Tempura Dragon Roll – Shrimp tempura topped with avocado and eel sauce
  • Tropical Roll – Salmon, avocado, cucumber topped with mango and sweet chili sauce
  • Fashion Roll – Lightly fried spicy tuna, crabmeat, cream cheese, avocado topped with masago, scallion, spicy aioli and eel sauce
  • Four Season Roll – Spicy white tuna, avocado topped with tuna, whitefish, salmon, cilantro, assorted masago, spicy mayo and miso yuzu sauce
  • Sushi Pizza – Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, white tuna, avocado, onions, peppers, scallions, served on crispy pancake with spicy mayo and eel sauce
  • Seafood Ceviche – Scallops, octopus, shrimp and white fish with peppers, red onions and fresh lemon-lime vinaigrette
  • Vegetarian Sushi Platter – pcs of sushi and a vegetable roll
  • Tri-Color Sushi – 3 pcs tuna, 3 pcs salmon, 3 pcs yellowtail and a spicy tuna roll