Cave Glow Studio is a small family operation working with responsibly sourced beeswax, soy wax and concrete in small batches to create mindful, thoughtful & affordable candle products for the everyday home.

Making candles after work on the weekdays and taking them to local markets became a regular weekend routine, and what started in a one-bedroom apartment as a desire to authentically connect with others about design and mindfulness quickly turned into a full-fledged mission to provide light and hope to homes across the country.

In 2019, Cave Glow Studio moved into a larger space in Catskill, NY and have been expanding their operation to deliver homegoods to customers near and far. The studio bustles with experiments in color, wax and concrete–providing an endless source of inspiration and creative self-development.

Cave Glow Studio believes that self-awareness and mindfulness can help us all contribute more vividly to the world around us through a lens of social and environmental justice to create meaningful change. The mere act of lighting a candle is a ritualistic reminder to center and ground ourselves, and with a bit of curiosity, that ritual can lead to a much richer understanding of ourselves and the societies around us. With the right intention, the small act of lighting a candle can help to uncover the psychological power of personal and social change.

Products From Cave Glow Studio

Pure Beeswax Taper Set
Pure Beeswax Spiral Set
Sunrise Beeswax Taper Set
Sunrise Beeswax Spiral Set
Dusk Beeswax Taper Set
Dusk Beeswax Spiral Set
Celebration Beeswax Set of 12
Small Concrete Holder
Small Concrete Holder Duo Set
Tall Concrete Holder
Full Candleholder Set
Amber & Moss
Cedarwood Vanilla
Northern California
Lemon Verbena
Fig & Herb
Harvest Moon
Fraser Fir

Cave Gl0w Studio products are available for purchase online and in a number of retail locations.