Atina Foods produces and shares holistic food based on traditional knowledge systems using local produce when available. They follow the sacred wisdom of the ancients, that food is medicine and medicine is food.

Atina Foods began in 2015 by married team, Carrie Dashow and Suresh Pillai, in Catskill, New York. In a span of three years they have successfully developed and marketed their uniquely delicious products to both food connoisseurs and novices alike. Proudly making simple dishes complex and amazingly delicious with added health to boost!

Their recipes are evolved from Suresh’s traditional upbringing in Kerala, South India, ancestral home of Ayurvedic health practices and a place where one considers food as medicine and eating for health is a practiced custom. Cooking with his family and travel through out the diaspora and beyond have found their way to Catskill, New York. Combining produce from the country of origin with local and home grown material, we look for the most health beneficial combinations from there to here, as Ayurveda not only means what we can get far away, but that the restorative elements are in one’s present habitat.

Some Products From Atina Foods

TURMERIC GINGER Herbal Jam – A perfect combination of fresh turmeric and organic ginger root, pickled black peppercorns, tamarind pulp, spices preserved with a small amount of oil in Jaggery (unrefined cane sugar from India). In traditional Ayurvedic health practices, it is known that the sibling roots of turmeric and ginger work well together, black pepper acts to amplify them, and the tamarind, oil and jaggery help your body to absorb it. This delicious combination is known to aid the body against inflammation and pain. Lightly sweet and earthy, full black peppercorns add a kick, that helps you know it is working!

RHUBARB GINGER Herbal Jam – Using local Rhubarb, we replace the tartness of tamarind from our traditional INJI PULI (Ginger Tamarind) recipe, which in Ayurveda is known to assist with digestion of big meals! Rhubarb Herbal Jam is soft, well rounded and divine in taste. Pairs beautifully with cheeses, sweet potatoes, meats (particularly pork and lamb), vegetables, squash, lentils etc..

Green Tomato Pickle with Ginger Garlic Brine – This intoxicating and complex salt pickle is made by first Lacto-fermenting local New York green tomatoes for over 6 weeks, setting them in a thick bright brine of Ginger and Garlic and spices. Atina’s Green Tomato Pickle brightens up any dish! This happy marriage between a pickled relish and an Indian aachar can be eaten as a topping, or use it as a marinade and cook with it!