Klineware Pottery offers pottery that is functional as it is beautiful. Pots are organic, meaning that they relate to natural patterns and biologic rhythms. Surfaces are not graphic but rather inspired by patterns and forms in nature such as designs the tide makes in the sand, the bark of a tree, the colors of the sunset, the shape of a gourd. Pieces are also exuberant, full of joyous enthusiasm to reflect the joy and unreserved energy in making them. Finally, they are audacious. I fearlessly take chances in making my pottery and I hope each piece reflects that verve and originality.

“Clay has a life of its own. As a potter, based in Peekskill, New York, I love to interact with the clay’s vitality. The process of throwing, forming a pot on the wheel, completely consumes me; I find true joy in refining forms from clay to create finished pottery that can add pleasure to everyday living and special occasions.”