Fresh Herb Sausage - Fresh parsley, sage, oregano, and thymeCatskil Food Company creates 20 kinds of sausage. Created by  founder Jonah Shaw, who developed these unique sausage recipes at his Quarter Moon Café and catering business, these sausages were so popular that he decided to offer them to a larger audience.

Catskill Food Company sausages are ideal with breakfast, or lunch, or dinner with friends. Quality, taste, purity — the ingredients that really matter when you choose food for your table. And those are the three main ingredients in every one of our sausages. Each sausage variety is all natural and made in small batches.

Catskill Food Company products can be found in area retail outlets or purchased online at their website.

Some of the Catskill Food Company offerings:

    • Thai Curry Sausage: Medium to hot spice level. Funkafied with curry paste and fish sauce. Peppers, scallions, and lemongrass accentuate the fresh elements. Coconut milk ties it together.
    • Sweet Italian Sausage – Sometimes nothing beats the simplicity of classic combinations. Plenty of red wine and high-quality pork ensure that you will feel transported to Tuscany.
    • Garlic Beer Sausage – This hearty pork sausage was originally created to pay homage to Octoberfest: yes, the bold garlicky flavor complements strong beer, and the layering of spices and herbs brings a complexity to the recipe that makes this a customer favorite.
    • Moroccan Spiced Sausage: We loved our merguez recipe so much that when the lambing season ended, we continued making it — with pork. this sausage melds traditional North African flavors with a modern twist — Casablanca, meet the Catskills.
    • Maple Date Breakfast Sausage – Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what our breakfast links are made of. Pure maple sugar, that is. And fresh herbs. Bursting with flavor.
    • Fresh Herb Sausage: An earthy blend of fresh parsley, sage, oregano, and thyme. Great flavor with no heat. Kids love it!
    • Caribbean Jerk Sausage: Carribean spices meld with habanero peppers to create an eye opener. A tasty treat for Scoville Junkies.