Kingston Bread + Bar began in 2017 with one guy baking out of his home kitchen for a group of weekly “subscribers.” After some time demand increased and KBL moved to a nearby kitchen. Eventually Saturday bagel brunches and pizza nights were added. In early 2020, Kingston Bread + Bar opened on North Front Street as an all-day bakery with a full food and drink menu.

All bread is made with natural leaven (a sourdough starter, instead of commercial yeast) and is fermented for at least 24 hours. Only organic flour is used, and as much local flour as possible. Currently, whole wheat flour is obtained from Farmer Ground (Trumansburg, NY), Sparrowbush Farm (Livingston, NY), Champlain Valley Milling, and Maine Grains. All breads—and Saturday bagels—are shaped and baked by hand. Our main concern (and we hope yours, as well) is flavor and texture.

In addition to signature loaves, a rotating assortment of croissants, cookies, and other sweet and savory pastries are available every Wednesday through Saturday. They also serve up more hearty breakfast and lunch options, including classic egg sandwich on a milk-bread bun and their “Il Voltrono” Italian hoagie.

Some Of The Kingston Bread + Bar Breads

Upstate Levain
Kingston Country
Baguette (Available after 11 AM)
Olive Whole Wheat (Thursday)
Rye Shokupan Loaf (Sunday)
Challah (Sunday Special)
Italian Semolina Bread
Milk Bread Buns (Pack of 6)
Kamut Pan Loaf SLICED
Jalapeno Cheddar Batard
Swiss Rye
Einkorn Boule
Pistachio Lemon White Chocolate Babka
Fruit & Nut Boule
Half Dozen Bagels (Assorted, Sunday Special)