Olde Hudson offers an evocative shopping experience with an enticing assortment of products ranging from mouth-watering, aromatic artisanal cheeses, a large array of all-natural heritage Berkshire pork charcuterie and patè, tangy olives, the finest all-natural meats and freshly caught fish from the Boston auctions. And, their hand-selected, completely personalized beautiful gift baskets that bring joy to all recipients.

Olde Hudson’s goal is to continue their meticulous attention to your needs. You know when you buy from Olde Hudson Specialty Foods, they have personally sampled everything they offer. Olde Hudson offers a wide array of imported products, American made offerings, and locally made specialty items. Items can be purchased in their online store or at their Hudson, NY store.


A few selections from the Olde Hudson offerings:

  • Ascutney Mountain Cheese – The sweet, nutty flavor is the result of cows grazing on pasture maintained without artificial pesticides or fertilizers. A natural rind cheese, Ascutney Mountain has been aged 7 to 8 months before being readied for market.
  • Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese – Deep in the Northeast Kingdom, a herd of Ayrshires produces the raw milk from which Bayley Hazen blue cheese is made. This creamy blue-veined cheese is rich in flavor with a magnificent aroma.
  • Barolo Salami – If you think the name Barolo sounds familiar, it’s because it is a famous Italian red wine from the Piedmont. Mixed into this pork, organic garlic, salt and spice salami, the vino adds a robust flavor that fills your mouth.
  • Finochietta Salami – Salumeria Biellese Berkshire breed pork blended with fennel seed and wild fennel pollen.
  • Cacciatorinial Diavolo – Diavolo packs extra heat. Mediterranean spices give this pork sausage extra punch – and extra color.
  • ANGUS BEEF – All Natural Prime USDA grass fed, corn-finished, aged 28+ days
  • All natural USDA pork and lamb.
  • Domenica Fiore Olive Oil – Domenica Fiore is a certified DOP and organic, artisan-produced, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Orvieto in Umbria.
  • A L’Olivier Vinegars – From France’s oldest condiment specialist come these fruit vinegars made with pure fruit purees.
  • Hand Rolled Couscous – Handmade in Tunisia, this couscous is a mixture of semolina flour, olive oil, water and salt. The granules are hand rolled, then sun dried for a rich, full, tasty flavor.
  • Tenayo Salsa – Simple, pure, balanced and delicious. The Original salsa is a classic with a tad of heat and roasted jalapenos.