Ironwood Farm is a Women-Owned NOFA Certified Organic Vegetable & Herb Farm in Ghent, NY.

Ironwood Farmers are active participants in the stewardship and care of the larger ecosystem; growing food through partnership with other living organisms.

They want to care for people through food and create a workspace that is loving, respectful and fun, where people can be full humans and grow in capacity.

They contribute and support the community of small agriculture based businesses in the Hudson Valley and see it thrive.

Ironwood Farm Columbia County CSA

This CSA gives members the opportunity to eat food which is grown, harvested and processed with care within 30 miles of where they live! Culinary varieties are selected whenever possible to entice the farm fare cook (think ginger, shiso, bok choy, heirloom tomatoes and fresh herbs). This food is ALIVE and its flavors and vitality will surprise you!

You can find Ironwood Farm food at their CSAs, farmers markets, restaurants and online ordering.