R&G Cheese Makers offers cheese handmade in Troy, NY by master cheese maker Sean O’Connor. They have a full line of artisan cheeses, both cow and goat’s milk, as well as yogurt. The milk they use is sourced by farms in the Hudson, Mohawk and Hoosick Valley.

Head cheesemaker Sean O’Connor takes pride and care in his product to ensure the highest quality cheeses and yogurt grace your table. From garlic to chipotle, maple sugar to vegetable ash, fennel pollen to truffles, Sean is continuously creating new and innovative flavors to accompany his quality chevres, camemberts, and cow’s milk cheeses.

R&G Cheese Makers cheeses are vailable at local retailers, farm markets and served in many of the areas fine restaurants. Please check their website for locations.


Products From R&G Cheese Makers

A soft ash-ripened goats milk button at only 3 oz., this is truly the gem of the line. This delicate but flavorful ‘bert has a bloomy white rind that has been ripened with a layer of vegetable ash. Eclipse was featured at the 2010 and 2011 cheese board at the U.S. Open.

Ballston Blue
The flavors from the cows milk in this cheese are mellow and nutty to accent the delicate Roquefort that veins this semi-firm wheel. A firm, crumbly cheese, this blue is well-suited to salads, sauces, and baking. Comes in a convenient 2.5 lb. half wheel, or a case of two halves at 5 lbs.

Cow’s milk mozzarella rolled with prosciutto. 8 oz.

Smoked Mozzarella
Cow’s milk mozzarella with a light, natural smoke distributed evenly through all 16 oz.

Goat’s Milk Camembert
A soft goat’s milk camembert at 5 oz., this jewel has a tangy, bloomy rind, impressive soul, and buttery finish.

A camembert-style goat’s milk cheese at 12 oz., with a layer of black Italian summer truffles.

An ash-ripened camembert-style goat’s milk cheese at 12 oz.

Camembert-style goat’s milk cheese at 12 oz., infused with a layer of fennel pollen.

Camembert-style goat’s milk cheese at 12 oz., studded with peppercorns.

Fresh Chevre
This deliciously fresh, creamy goat cheese is a favorite of the Capital Region and beyond. Excellent for cheese plates, spreads, or in cooking. Packed in convenient 4 oz. logs, 11 oz. logs, or 4 lb. tubs.

Garlic & Herb Chevre
The savory gem of fresh chevre is studded with garlic and savory herbs to pair well with most any savory dish or varietous cheese plate.

Maple Chipotle Chevre
This petite chevre is a unique subject, blending the sweetness of maple sugar and the smokey spice of chipotle pepper. Pairing this spice with the award-winning fresh chevre, you can’t go wrong for your cheese plate.

Hudson Valley Truffle Falls
This delicious semi-soft cow’s milk cheese is made in layers with Italian black truffle peelings. The outside is rubbed in white truffle oil, vegetable ash, and Garam Masala for a truly unique and decadent taste. This item comes in a 5 lb. wheel, or convenient 6 oz. wedges.

Fresh Mozzarella
Nothing can beat the fresh milk flavor of a new batch of mozzarella. Silky and mellow, this mozzarella comes in convenient 16 oz. logs or 8 oz. balls.

R&G Cheese Curds
This soft, squeaky curd is balanced with just the right amount of salt to produce an incredibly versatile product. Whether melting, tossing in salads, or just eating, these curds are represented best by one word: addictive. Comes in convenient 24 oz. containers.

Aged Goat Cheese
This semi-hard goat cheese has a smooth, mellow flavor, much as its name suggests. Aged for at least one month, this cheese develops a perfect amount of character in both taste and texture. Excellent for shaving, melting, and pairing with light or fruitful wines. Excellent for any cheese plate. Paired here with Vermont Quince Paste.

Aged Goat Cheese w/ Roasted Garlic
This cheese is studded with robust garlic that enhances the tangy flavor of the aged chevre. Strong and semi-firm, this cheese is a perfect accompaniment to any savory dish, from meats and vegetables to the finish of a cheese plate.

Farm House Reserve
A semi-hard goat cheese is aged at least six months in our farmhouse aging room in Ballston Spa, NY. A natural rind encases this goat cheese, protecting its unique natural orange color caused by aging and culture.

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Mozzarella
Our fresh mozzarella rolled with smokey sun dried tomatoes and fresh sweet basil. Cut into it for a perfect spiral that melts beautifully on toast points, or simply line the cheese plate with something delicious and appealing.

Aged Ramp Cheese (Seasonal)
Locally harvested ramps are collected at the height of the season and mixed with goats milk curd to produce a fresh, squeaky cheese when young, and a complex, mature cheese when aged. Excellent for shaving, this strong but delicate cheese will bring you a taste of summer on the snowiest winter day.

Greek-Style Yogurt
A smooth, creamy cow’s milk yogurt that hold the same thickness and tangy flavor of a traditional Greek yogurt.

Strawberry Yogurt
Our traditional Greek-style yogurt lightly flavored with natural strawberry preserves.