Karavalli is unique as an Indian restaurant any where in the world. It is a gourmet trail of the many diverse regions of India. It serves food from as many as six different regions of India and has a team of specialist chefs from India, each producing their own regional specialties. This makes Karavalli, the winner of more appreciation than any other Indian restaurant in the New York Capital District Area.

Karavalli combines high quality ingredients with fresh herbs, and whole spices to create a menu that mixes the best of traditional cooking from the sub-continent with more innovative dishes.

Selections From The Karavalli Indian Cuisine Menu:

  • MASALA DOSAI – Rice and Lentil crepe filled with Spiced Potato
  • RAVA MASALA DOSAI – Wheat, rice, lentil Crepe with filling
  • KURKURI BHINDI – Crispy Okra, Red Onions, Lime and Chaat Masala
  • TAMARIND EGGPLANT – Crispy Eggplant,onion, chickpea, yogurt & tamarind
  • KHEEMA SAMOSA – Crisp pastries filled with spiced ground lamb
  • CHETTINADU KABAB – Chicken Tenders spiced with Chettinad spices
  • CALAMARI COCHIN – Fried masala squid, red onions and bell pepper
  • LASSONI GOBI – Batter fried cauliflower tossed with garlic, onion, ginger
  • CHILI CHICKEN – Battered Chicken in a classic hot and tangy soy, chily sauce
  • MALABAR PRAWN – Jumbo Tandoori Shrimp wrapped with onion, ginger,coconut, curry leaves
  • FISH IN BANANA LEAF – Marinated fish of the day wrapped in banana leaves with South Indian Spices
  • CHICKEN TANDOORI – Chicken on the bone Tandoor Cooked
  • JHINGA Mast Mast – Shrimp with yogurt,ginger,cilantro,green chili,ajwan
  • VEGETABLE TANDOORI – A mélange of fresh vegetables and Paneer grilled in Tandoor
  • COCONUT MUSHROOM – Coconut milk,dry red chilies,curry leaves & Mustard
  • BAINGAN CHETTINADU – Baby eggplant in black pepper & roasted coconut
  • PALAK (SPINACH) – Pureed Spinach with Cumin, Garlic, Ginger and cream. With PANEER or VEGETABLES or MUSHROOM or CHANA or POTATOES
  • PANEER KURCHEN – Grated Paneer, onion, bell peppers, cream and tomato sauce
  • CHICKEN CHETTINADU – Chicken in authentic spicy black pepper and roasted coconut sauce
  • LAMB MADRAS – Spicy Lamb, coconut,mustard, red chili and curry leaves
  • GOAT VINDALOO – Goat on the bone in a very hot Goan Red Chili sauce
  • SHRIMP MANGO CURRY – Shrimp cooked with fresh mango, coconut, tempered with curry leaves & mustard
  • SHRIMP SAGG – Shrimp cooked with a mild pureed Spinach sauce