Slickepott Chocolate Fudge Sauce is serious chocolate fudge sauce made with the best natural ingredients: no corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or thickening agents.

The original family recipe fudge sauce: velvety smooth chocolate bliss. Everyone falls in love with this velvety ganache: drizzled on ice cream, clinging to fresh fruit, adorning cakes, pies and pastries; even on pretzels and chips; or by the spoonful right from the jar! Slickepott fudge sauce uses a slightly tweaked version of that old family recipe (just six simple ingredients; fresh New York State cream, cane sugar, NYS butter, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla, and salt) to create the decadent chocolate ganache that has made fans across the country (plus England and Spain!) swoon for more.  Each jar comes from a small batch, cooked from scratch by ‘yours truly’.  After about a year and a half of tinkering, testing and tasting, the tradition continues with the addition of my own unique caramel sauce!