Casana T House specializes in artisan tea, sustainable coffee, and​ gourmet pastries.​ It’s the perfect place to try beverages from all around the world, each with a distinctive story.​

We’re committed to providing teas made from the best varieties, grown in nutrient rich regions. Our teas are traditionally prepared with strict regulations to eliminate pesticides, serving you the tastiest cup of tea available. At our café you can enjoy exclusive teas not available anywhere else in the world! We’ve also partnered with a small-batch coffee roaster to provide a full menu of delectable espresso drinks.

Join us ​for a work day outside the office, an intimate meeting, ​or to study with friends. Need to relax? ​Cozy up with a book,​ or play a game with a new friend! ​Whatever experience you desire, ​we’re here for you.

Casana T House also carries one-of-a-kind teaware handcrafted by local resident (and internationally award-winning artist) Paul Chaleff, as well as featuring a carefully curated selection of ceramics made by artists from around the globe.

​Visit us today and transport ​to​ ​a ​peaceful​, meditative​ ​place where ​culture and indulgence ​collide.

Casana T House Selections

Loose Leaf Tea

White Peony
Water Lily
Triple Mint
Tie Kuan Yin
Silver Needle
2011 Jing Mai Old Tree Ripe Pu Erh
2014 Jing Mai Ancient Tree Raw Pu Erh
2015 Loose Ripe Pu Erh
2nd Flush Darjeeling
Assam Black
Casana Chai
Dreagon Well
Earl Grey
Jun Xuan Golden Lily
Jasmine Pearl
Imperial Black Tip
Lemon Chamomile