Chick E Ribs BBQ set out with one main goal. …Our goal was to bring delicious and truly authentic wood fired bbq to our area. With this goal in mind, we opened our doors and were immediately overwhelmed by the love and support by our Sullivan County residents. What was just to be a weekend hobby, has grown into something we could never have imagined. We owe all of our success to you, the customer.

We simply love to cook fresh food right off the smokers and serve it right away. Nothing is ever frozen or reheated. The proof is in our food and the passion we have to bring the absolute best BBQ you have ever had straight off the smoker to your plate.

Thank you for making CHICK E RIBS THE #1 BBQ SPOT IN SULLIVAN COUNTY. Stop in and see us today. We guarantee you will leave full and happy!

Selections From The Chick E Ribs BBQ Menu:

  • RIBS – A true “FULL” RACK … 14 bones smothered in our traditional sauce. (2 sides makes it a dinner for at least 2-3 people)
  • BRISKET – Our slow cooked brisket (cooked up to 20 hours on a low temp wood smoke) has become our #1 seller for sandwiches and dinners. Never had brisket??? Let us know, we’re happy to give a free sample It’s sure to make your mouth water!
  • BBQ Chicken – We use charcoal on this one… Our tender juicy 1.5 pound half chickens are another favorite with our regulars… we cook our chicken to perfection on a slightly hotter charcoal grill, basted throughout the cooking process with our homemade bbq sauce. AMAZING!!
  • Pork king sausage – The name says it all! “Pork KING” These are the real deal Italian sausage! What can be better than an already delicious Italian sausage…. well, cook those bad boys over an open flame. EVERYTHING TASTE BETTER OFF THE GRILL!!
  • Flame grilled sabrett hot dogs – Just like our sausage, we cook these all beef Sabret dogs over a flame. Many toppings are included in the price… however for a truly unique experience try one of our famous specialty dogs… i recommend the Shawny dog. (Flame grilled Sabret hot dog topped with caramelized onions, baked beans and our slow cooked brisket)
  • Pulled pork – YUP, slow cooked “low and slow” wood fired pulled pork. We don’t rush it… our pork is cooked at a low 225 degrees for anywhere from 12 to 14 hours. Then topped off with our delicious traditional bbq sauce.