El Loco Mexican Cafe brings Albany a melting pot of styles and tastes from various regions of Mexico and the Latina influenced Southwest USA.

El Loco prepares Mexican food that is healthy to eat, using fresh chiles, non irradiated spices and dried chiles from a spice cooperative, their tortillas are lard-free, and fried and sauted in 100% vegetable oil. All of the food at El Loco Mexican Cafe is vegetarian unless it specifically state on the menu that it contains meat or poultry, and our beans are vegan. El Loco Mexican Cafe cooks with nutritionally superior brown rice, uses only fresh Hass variety avocados in their guacamole, and utilize meat and poultry cooking methods that render the final product lower in fat than any other methods. El Loco Mexican Cafe uses only the best ingredients available, and never compromises quality.

The cuisine of Mexico is as colorful as its art and music, as dramatic as its history and as appealing and warm hearted as its people. And believe it or not, immensely good for you. So what are you waiting for? Stop in for some El Loco Tex-Mex, Traditional Mexican, and Nuevo Southwestern cuisine, and be sure to try some of the featured favorites.