Taiim Falafel Shack in Hastings-On-Hudson serves delicious Israeli and Middle Eastern soul food that makes for an authentic Middle-Eastern experience.

Don’t let the name fool you. Taiim Falafel Shack is a comfortable and family friendly restaurant inside that features Israeli comfort food. They feature nine different types of hummus each with its own standout difference.

If you can’t make it to Hastings-On-Hudson to enjoy their cuisine, no worries! Taiim Falafel Shack also fields a Falafel Cart that makes the rounds at a large number of Westchester area farmers markets and events. You can check their website for the cart schedule.

Taiim Falafel Shack offers its selections for all catering parties and events, including business luncheons, religious events, birthday celebrations, graduation parties, and any other special or social gathering.


Selections from the Taiim Falafel Menu:

  • The “Masada” – (Taiim’s version of “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”)
    XL pita wrap with Chicken Shawarma, Lamb Shawarma & Falafel along with Mujadarra, Israeli Chopped Salad, Hummus, Pickles, Turnips & Tahini
  • Babaghanouj – Charbroiled eggplant blended with lemon, tahini and spices
  • Chicken Shish Kebab – Tender pieces of grilled marinated chicken breast, finished with sauteed onions and peppers
  • Taiim Chili – Middle Eastern spiced turkey chili w/whole chickpeas & zaatar
  • Jerusalem Couscous – Israeli pearl couscous seasoned with onions, tomatoes, a hint of mint and various middle eastern spices
  • Sabich – Fried eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions, parsley, and olives tossed with herb dressing; sliced hard boiled egg optional
  • Taiim Angus Burger – Middle Eastern spiced 1/2 lb. black angus beef burger wrapped in a pita & topped with simmered tomatoes, onions and garlic; carmelized onions; hummus; tahini sauce; pickles and turnips.
  • Desi Khana (vegetarian) – A combination of Saag, Chickpeas, & Mujadarra, French Fries or Couscous