Mugzy’s Barkery specializes in creating high quality all natural and organic dog treats and custom cakes right here in New York’s Capital Region!

Mugzy’s Barkery was founded in April 2014 after owner, Jaime was frightened by all of the reports about commercial and foreign pet foods and treats poisoning our beloved furry family members. Because Jaime eats organic herself and is an avid baker, it came naturally to bake organic treats for Mugzy. At one point Mugzy’s trainer, Katie of Playful Pups suggested she sell them and from there Mugzy’s Barkery was born!

All items are made with natural and organic human grade ingredients. Mugzy’s Barkery treats are all made by hand out of the highest quality ingredients in small batches. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are giving your pups the very best!

Mugzy’s Barkery treats are wheat, corn and soy free and made with an organic brown rice flour base. All of the ingredients are natural and organic so you never have to worry about mystery ingredients, chemicals , byproducts or GMO’s posing a risk to your pup.

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Some of the Mugzy’s Barkery products:

  • Apple Cheddar Bone Biscuits: For the cheese lover! These treats are made with extra sharp cheddar cheese and smell so delicious they are sure to tempt you into trying one!
  • PB Banana Buddies: The sweet banana and local honey in these treats will have your pup begging for more! Check out all of the locally sourced ingredients packed into these Buddies!
  • Pupcakes: – These bite size goodies are a huge hit! Your pup will surely feel spoiled when you bring a pupcake home for them. Pupcakes are usually gone in the blink of an eye!
  • Grain Free Healthy Hearts – For those pups who are on a strictly grain free diet these treats are made with coconut flour and carrot and are one of Mugzy’s favorites!
  • Cookie Cups: These PB cookie cups filled with peanut butter and topped with carob are one of the most popular treats we offer! If your dog in a PB fanatic these treats are where it’s at!