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Hudson Valley Country Delights offers the sojourner an opportunity to find those products grown or raised on the farms and orchards that dot the Hudson River Valley.

Hancock Farmer’s Market – Products To Suit Every Taste

Hancock Farmer's Market offers a dizzying array of products from organic produce and homemade goodies to craft brews and artisan cheeses.

Phoenicia Honey Co. – Farm Crafted Honey & Bath & Body Treatments

Phoenicia Honey Co. produces small batch farm crafted honey and bath and body treatments filled with locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Tree Juice Maple Syrup From The Catskill Mountains

Tree Juice Maple Syrup is harvested from the maple trees in the Catskill Mountains, tapped, traditional wood fire boiled, and bottled lovingly by hand.

Grass & Grit Farm – Grass Fed Meat & Poultry W No GMO or Synthetic Hormones

Grass & Grit Farm raises pastured pork, lamb, goat, eggs, and a variety of poultry, including chicken, duck, turkey, and guinea hen.

Rosendale Farmers’ Market – Summer & Winter Market

The Rosendale Farmers’ Market creates a welcoming environment to access affordable regionally grown produce, arts, crafts, and local products.