Bohemian Baked creates gluten free, dairy free and vegan baked goods in Westchester County, NY. They use mostly organic ingredients and local ingredients when possible.

Bohemian Baked never uses eggs, dairy, gluten, peanuts, bean flours, artificial colors or flavors, hydrogenated oils or animal products of any kind. Creating delicious treats made from natural and safe sources is what’s important to them.

Owner, baker and self proclaimed bohemian, Nancy Haggerty bakes delicious gluten free, dairy free and vegan baked goods for all to enjoy. Having suffered from food intolerances for several years, Nancy set out on a quest to heal herself yet still be able to enjoy the epicureal fruits of life. “It was so depressing going to the grocery store and only being able to shop in the produce section and in the one health food aisle,” she said. “To make matters worse, the gluten free, dairy free items were limited and did not taste like what I was accustomed to. I missed cookies tasting like, well, cookies!”

Bohemian Baked offerings include: muffins, breads, cookies, cupcakes, scones, granola bites, and a variety of specialty items for special occasions such as birthday parties, showers and more.