The Green Shepherd Farm is a small, family run business raising a growing flock of hardy Finnsheep on fifty sustainably–managed acres in Bovina, NY. Our commitment to good farming practices that improve the well-being of both the flock and environment is the basic standard of operating our farm. Lambs selected “for the table” receive no grain or medication at all unless it is vital to their health. We do not administer hormones of any kind.

The farm sells USDA inspected whole lamb processed to your specifications; fresh to retailers or for roasting at home, and as convenient frozen vacuum-packed cuts ready for your special recipe. A limited number of retail cuts and organs may be purchased at local stores or directly at the farm. The Farm also sells lamb sheepskins, as well as apparel and furniture featuring them. Additionally, there are limited camping and internships available here.

You can customize your order of one or more lambs to meet your preference. For example, if you want extra ground lamb, have one Shoulder, one Leg Split, and both Breasts ground. You will still have three split legs, and one shoulder for chops or roast, as well as the other cuts.

Retail lamb cuts from Green Shepherd Farm:


Leg Whole, Bone-In or Boneless
Leg Split, Bone-In or Boneless
Sirloin, Bone-In or Boneless
Leg Steak


Loin Chops
Loin Roast, Bone-In or Boneless


Rack of Lamb
Rib Chops


Shoulder Roast, Bone-In or Boneless
Shoulder Chops, Round Bone
Shoulder Chops, Blade Bone


Riblets/Breast, Riblets or Pocket

Shank and Neck

Lamb Shank
Lamb Shank, Osso buco
Stew Meat/Neck, Bone-In or Boneless


Ground Lamb Note: ground lamb will reduce the amount of cuts available.

Organs and Other

Lamb Liver
Lamb Organs
Lamb Head
Soup Bones