Sophie’s Farm raises grass fed high quality beef without the use of grains and hormones and in a humane way with as little stress as possible.

We moved our family from Europe to the Hudson Valley in 2007 and wanted to start a small farm. We decided to raise grass-fed beef after seeing the benefits for the land and animals when one respects nature by using sustainable methods of farming.

Our goal is to raise 100% grass-fed, high quality beef without the use of grains and hormones.
We have chosen the Devon breed of cattle because of their proven ability to thrive on grass. These are docile cows by nature, known to produce top grass-fed beef when raised in a natural environment which makes for happy cows! By treating our herd in a humane way, with as little stress as possible, we believe we have some pretty happy cattle out in our fields.

Sophie’s Farm sells eighths and quarters of our steers direct from our farm: A quarter is roughly 100 lbs. Cuts are individually cryovac-sealed and labeled.