The Alternative Baker is a traditional storefront bakery located in the town of Rosendale, in Ulster County, in the heart of the Hudson Valley in upstate New York.

Their baked goods are made only with the most natural of ingredients- flours are not bleached or bromated (sometimes even organic), they use fresh shell eggs, whole fresh milk, unsalted butter without additives, pure olive oil or extra-virgin olive oil, canola oil.

The Alternative Baker specializes in lemon cakes (and lemon bundt cakes), which are widely renowned, as are all of the handmade traditional and alternative baked goods. In addition to traditional baked goods they offer an array of alternative baked goods: that is made without wheat or gluten, no cholesterol, reduced fat, vegan (no animal products used), dairy-free, fruit-sweetened and egg-free–all assorted for the customers who request these variations on classic baked goods.

“At The Alternative Baker, when we are commissioned to present a wedding cake for a couple, we come up with a cake, or cakes, that represent the individuality and personality of our clients. For previous clients, these cakes have been designed to reflect the tastes and flavors which are important to the happy couple: sometimes favorite foods (often chocolate), childhood memories, family recipes, homegrown fruits, special dietary needs–all of these have come into play.”