Stony Creek Farmstead offers grass fed beef, pork, lamb, eggs, and broiler chickens right from their farm in Walton NY.

Their farm store is usually open every day 9am-6pm from May thru October. In the winter Stony Creek Farmstead makes home deliveries to the New York City area.

The animals live outside the vast majority of the time. There are a few exceptions. New chicks that are too young and need heat lamps live in the brooder room in the barn for a few weeks first. And when we separate young ewes so they don’t get bred along with the mature ones they hang out in the barn and eat fresh hay through much of the Winter. Also, on the rare occasion that an animal is sick, sometimes the best place for care is in the barn, but not always.

Our ruminants, cows and sheep, enjoy a 100% grass diet. They roam our pastures for most of the year and when it gets cold they eat lovely hay bales that we harvest and make ourselves. Chickens and pigs also eat grass and bugs and dirt in our pastures and we supplement their diets with certified organic grains from Lakeview Organic Grains.