Z Farms is a certified organic farm in the village of Dover Plains, New York. They conduct certified organic poultry and meat operations and grow berries and vegetables.

Their goal is to deliver the freshest possible beef, lamb, goats meat, poultry, eggs and berries with the highest nutritional values to local communities. In order to do it they farm responsibly and carefully with the full respect to Earth natural resources and environmental factors.

The farm has their own bees that help pollinate berries and orchard trees. Agriculture that is productive yet replenishing and balancing to the health of the soil and local ecology as a whole is the highest priority. Crops rotations, cover crops, strip tilling, contour tilling, summer fallow, composting, integrative pest management, biological pest control are just few examples of their responsible farming practices.


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The livestock animals – cows, sheep and goats – are raised utilizing rotational grazing method on the lush pastures of clover, alphalpha and grasses. In winter we feed them hay collected from our certified organic fields as well as nutritional supplements, herbs and minerals.

Pasture raised poultry is kept in the mobile coops that are regularly rotated on fresh green grass paddocks. During the day the birds scratch the pasture and forage for bugs and insects, improving the soil and fertilizing it at the same time. In the night they go back to the mobile house to be protected from the elements and from the predators. They are also fed certified organic non – GMO soy free feed (green peas, barley, oats, flaxseed, minerals) – purchased from the local grain producer and grower – StoneHouse Grain – www.stonehousegrain.com.

We buy vegetable seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds – local certified organic company in Wolcott, VT. We give preference to open pollinated and heirloom varieties in order to create more stable ecosystem. Disease-resistant varieties are planted extensively in order to minimize pest control measures. The vegetables are grown on biodegradable paper mulch to reduce weed pressure and minimize plastic recycling efforts.

We planted orchard and berries 3 years ago. We had incredible crop of delicious and nutritious blueberries, raspberries, goumi and aronia berries this year. The berry patch is open to “Pick your own” from June to November.

Z Farms Free Programs & Activities

There are many fun activities and events at Z Farmsthat we have at the farm seasonally or year around.

Free Nutritional education program with lectures and cooking classes are held once a month in the conference room of our farmstand. We focus on promoting healthy eating patterns and food related attitudes emphasizing local organic seasonal fresh ingredients.

Free outdoor Tai-Chi classes at our farm every Sunday 7:30 to 8:30 pm starting June 20th with experienced instructor (25 years of experience, his website www fallingwatertaichi.com) merge with the beauty of the nature, view of the fields and mountains and put your mind in a joyful and happy place.

“Collect your own eggs” activity for the whole family is available all year round every day mornings and afternoons when you can come to chicken coop, pick up freshly laid eggs,wash and grade them.

“Pick your own berries” activity for the whole family is available every day (June – November) – when you can come to the berry patch and collect blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, aronia berries and goumi berries.

“Pick your own vegetables” activity is available every day (June-November) – when you can come and harvest vegetables at the vegetable field.

“Hiking at the forest trail’ is available every day (May – November).

Farm open houses with the tours of the farm and free outdoor barbeque in warm season (April – October) are held once a month.

Z Farms open houses with “Conversation with the farmer” over complimentary certified organic coffee, tea and healthy snacks and desserts available at our farmstand once a month (December – March).