Hudson Valley Duck Farm is a 200-acre farm in the tranquil town of Ferndale, NY. It specializes in raising cage-free, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free ducks. The farm breeds various duck species, including the classic Moulard and heritage breeds, which are then delivered fresh to weekly farmer’s markets in New York City.

As an animal welfare advocate, Hudson Valley Duck Farm believes birds should have enough space to spread their wings. This is why they have raised their ducks cage-free for the past nine years, allowing them to socialize, run around, and preen their feathers as much as they want.

The farm’s ducks are fed a high-quality, pure vegetarian diet exclusively blended in their own farm recipe. This ensures that the ducks are healthy and never treated with antibiotics or hormones. This results in a premium-quality product that is healthy and delicious.

The farm’s products can be purchased at various New York State farmers’ markets and online, making it easy for anyone to enjoy their flavorful and succulent duck. Whether you are a food enthusiast or a health-conscious individual, Hudson Valley Duck Farm has something for everyone. Online shopping is available.

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Some of the products available from Hudson Valley Duck Farm:

  • Whole Moulard – A staple of Gascon cooking, serving 3-4 when roasted whole.
  • Moulard Duck Breast – Skin on breast has wonderful steak overtones and a deep red color
  • Duck Bacon – Moulard breast cured and sliced. Great on BLT’s or add to hearty breakfast.
  • Duck Sausage – Made right on the farm with the freshest ingredients in a pork casing.
  • Duck Prosciutto – A unique flavored duck prosciutto that we air-dry to perfection. Serve with melon, soups or over salads.
  • Moulard Legs – Large and meaty, perfect for braising, roasting and confit.
  • Duck Salami – Magret breast, garlic, white wine and spices cured 45 days.
  • Duck Leg Confit 0 Marinated in herbs and then slow cooked in duck fat.
  • Smoked Duck Breast – Succulent, fully cooked, skin-on duck breasts, hot smoked over apple wood chips.
  • Duck Fat – Rendered duck fat. Great for French fries and savory pastries.