Handmade, luxurious, small batch chocolates made from organic and fair-trade chocolate. Lucky Chocolates are made from organically grown chocolate, nuts and organic fruits. All of their ingredients are non-GMO (not genetically engineered). No chemicals or additives are used.

Lucky Chocolates has always been about sharing joy through the medium of chocolate. We are a small shop with a policy of doing our best to make chocolate that brings a smile to a person’s face. The happiness of receiving and sharing chocolate with loved ones, the surprise of a gift on a regular day! Spreading positivity and love is an integral part of Lucky’s, and we hope to do that in all we create here.

  • Use the freshest and highest quality ingredients
  • Use local and organic ingredients
  • Use fair trade chocolate & coffee
  • Keep GMO ingredients out of our chocolate
  • Make things in small batches to keep quality & freshness
  • Remember to stay Lucky!