Sojourner’s Picks

  • La Basse Cour Farm Stay Bed and Breakfast

    November 24, 2014,

    La Basse Cour Farm Stay Bed and Breakfast in South Kortright, Ny, is were you can enjoy the wonders and relaxation of escaping to a real farm.

  • Kaatsbaan International Dance Center

    November 24, 2014,

    Kaatsbaan International Dance Center is a permanent international dance center dedicated to the growth, advancement and preservation of professional dance.

  • Hardenburgh Christmas Tree Farm

    November 23, 2014,

    Hardenburgh Christmas Tree Farm provides a wonderful, long-remembered holiday outing- Choose and cut your own Christmas tree.

  • Sushi A La Carte Kosher Sushi

    November 22, 2014,

    Sushi A La Carte is Rockand County's largest Kosher personal sushi delivery service, under strict Rabbinic supervision of Rabbi Zushe Blech.

  • 20 Thanksgiving Pizza Recipes For Leftovers Or Not

    November 21, 2014,

    Why not turn those great Thanksgiving leftovers into America's #1 favorite food, pizza!

  • Bailey's Smokehouse

    November 21, 2014,

    Bailey's Smokehouse smoking process starts with their own BBQ spice marinated overnight, then slow smoked for up to 12 hours using local hard woods.

  • Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center

    November 19, 2014,

    Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center is a not for profit community organization committed to the presentation and production of works of artistic importance.

  • Fred Gillen Jr - Singer Songwriter

    November 17, 2014,

    Since his first solo concert in 1996, Fred Gillen Jr has traveled across the U.S. and Europe singing his songs of hope and struggle at all types of venues.

  • Joshua's Café and Restaurant

    November 16, 2014,

    Joshua's Café and Restaurant is the longest serving restaurant in Woodstock, delighting patrons with high-quality, healthy, delicious food for 40 years!

  • The Crisp Cannoli

    November 16, 2014,

    The Crisp Cannoli creates fresh filled cannoli, with a smooth, creamy filling, cannoli kits, light, creamy mini cheesecakes, and their specialty CRODOs

  • Dallas Hot Wieners

    November 16, 2014,

    For three-quarters of a century Dallas Hot Wieners has been serving up their legendary hot dogs made with their secret sauce.

  • Maybe A Championship Prize Fight Changed The Columbia County Map

    November 15, 2014,

    How a championship fight that took place in the Hamlet of Boston Corners in 1853 changed the map of Columbia County NY.

  • Ristorante Caterina de' Medici

    November 14, 2014,

    Truly authentic regional Italian cuisine takes center stage at Ristorante Caterina de’ Medici, a sophisticated dining room overlooking the Hudson River.

  • Catskill Lodge Bed and Breakfast

    November 2, 2014,

    Catskill Lodge Bed and Breakfast is a lovely Bed and Breakfast nestled in the Northern Catskill Mountains in the town of Windham, NY.

  • Greentree Handmade Home Furniture

    November 2, 2014,

    GreenTree Home Furniture is a small American furniture company committed to the creation of timeless designs. Don Green, builds each piece, by hand, in his up state New York…

  • Towne Crier Cafe

    November 2, 2014,

    Towne Crier Cafe brings you down-home access to world-class performers and a fine-dining menu emphasizing fresh, local and natural ingredients.

  • The Cottage At Barneche

    October 27, 2014,

    The Cottage at Barneche is a dog friendly vacation cottage in a 100 year old barn on 1 1/2 acres of charming, landscaped and wooded land.

  • Big Kev's Roadside BBQ

    October 26, 2014,

    Big Kev's Roadside BBQ is an eatery on wheels serving up homemade BBQ from a full blown rolling smokery.

  • Global Grill

    October 26, 2014,

    Global Grill takes the best spices from around the world and the freshest ingredients to bring to your table amazing dishes.

  • The Parlor Wood-Fired Pizza

    October 25, 2014,

    At The Parlor, diners can experience the delicate, wood-fired soul of Neapolitan pizza spun with carefully-sourced, local, and seasonal ingredients.

Hudson Valley Sojourner | A Guide To The Hudson River Valley


20 Thanksgiving Pizza Recipes For Leftovers Or Not

Why not turn those great Thanksgiving leftovers into America's #1 favorite food, pizza!

Maybe A Championship Prize Fight Changed The Columbia County Map

How a championship fight that took place in the Hamlet of Boston Corners in 1853 changed the map of Columbia County NY.

Romanticizing The Hudson Valley Past

It's not difficult to be a romantic in the Hudson Valley. The area lends itself nicely to those types of thoughts.

No Scare Things To Do With A Pumpkin

Some no-scare things to do with your pumpkin. From decor to games for kids, your pumpkin can do it all.

There’s More Than Meets The Eye To Beacon’s Dutchess Manor

There's more than meets the eye to Beacon's Dutchess Manor. There's quite the interesting story behind it all.

What Ever Became Of Henry Hudson?

You remember Henry Hudson, don't you? The guy that was looking for a northern passage to Asia but explored the Hudson River instead.

Who In The Hudson Valley Are Huguenots?

For those of you who are intellectually squinting and trying to get a clearer image, here's a magnified view of one of these groups, The Huguenots.

Electric Park: A Hudson Valley Amusement Park

Electric Park built in 1901 on Kinderhook Lake in Columbia County NY was billed as the largest amusement park between NYC and Montreal.

Newburgh NY: Feeling The Past To Envision The Future

It always seems so easy to beat up on Newburgh NY. At times I think it has become part of our Hudson Valley culture.

A Fairy Tale Ending For the Horton House In Middletown NY

The Webb Horton House c1910. It's really nice when an old Hudson Valley structure has a fairy tale ending.

Bennett College Ruins From Halcyon To Reinvention In Millbrook NY

The ruins of Bennett College in Millbrook NY have to some become a chronic eyesore and for long time residents a heartbreaking memory.

There’s Much More To Memorial Day

There’s so much to keep us busy during the Memorial Day weekend. The Hudson Valley is bursting with season openers, fairs, markets, events, and all of the other area magnets that pull you out into the world. Top it off with your family outings, backyard BBQs, day trips, and maybe […]

Hudson Valley Community Supported Agriculture

Folks living in and around the Hudson River Valley have a great opportunity to join a Community Supported Agriculture program and get the freshest produce available outside of buying a farm and growing your own.

Check these fine Hudson Valley CSAs out.

In fact, Community Supported Agriculture is about as close as […]

A Steamboat On The Hudson River

Everyone knows the deal on Robert Fulton and his invention that first appeared on our own Hudson River.

Hudson Valley Made Gifts – A Double Dose Of Love

Perhaps it is just me, but when it comes to getting gifts, a Hudson Valley made gift means so much more.

Solving The Wedding Menu Dilemma

For many couples, planning the wedding menu is often the highpoint or high stress of the wedding planning process.

Yes We Can! Canstruction Jr Hudson Valley

Canstruction Jr Hudson Valley is one of those wonderful events that bonds our Hudson Valley community and brings us together for a fantastic cause.

A Rose By Any Other Name Is Not A Rose Brick

A very short distance east of Marlboro NY, along the Hudson River at Danskammer Point once stood the clay and sand empire known as The Rose Brick Company.

On The Graves Of Patriots – The Fishkill Supply Depot

Where once stood the Revolutionary War Fishkill Supply Depot, now squats a mall and some restaurants and gas stations.

College Hill Park The Highpoint Of Poughkeepsie NY

College Hill Park with its Greek structure is set on the highest point in Poughkeepsie and has somewhat of an interesting history.

Spelling Poughkeepsie Was Never Easy

No, I don’t claim that this is a finite resolve to hundreds of years of debating the origin and spelling of the name “Poughkeepsie”. I am merely a Hudson Valley sojourner and casual student of local history and lore who has found the spelling of Poughkeepsie enigma to be fun.

Most […]

This Good Earth Of Our Hudson River Valley

This good earth of our Hudson River Valley has sustained us for hundreds of years and in a strange way seeing working farms and orchards is so comforting.

Strolling Saugerties NY

Well, I finally made it back to Saugerties, NY. I've been meaning to check in with this lovely lady on the Hudson River for some time and I'm glad I did.

Hudson Valley Vernacular Architecture

These fine works help establish the identity of our region and it is wonderful to have so many to view and experience

What’s The Deal On The New Hudson Valley Sojourner

A number of people have recently asked- "What's the deal on the new Hudson Valley Sojourner?" Very obviously, after 11 years, the old traveler finally got a face lift.

A Lofty Mission

Like most Americans, I like a good cause. Also like most Americans, I appreciate noble causes, underdog causes, rise from the ashes and even Alamo efforts.

Oh, The Horrors!

Did you know that there are horrors rolling around the Hudson Valley? Actually, there's more than one. There's an entire squad.

CraZy Bangkok Hot Dog

Off the Hudson Valley Beaten Palate with the CraZy Bangkok Hot Dog with its great combination of homemade toppings on a real hot dog.

Peach Applejack & Black Raspberry Core Vodka

This is an Off The Beaten Palate double-up entry that will make your head spin- Peach Applejack & Black Raspberry Core Vodka.

Adding Videos

What's cool? Videos! That's why we are adding videos to the Hudson Valley Sojourner listings.

Where Kids And Nature Meet

Hudson Highlands Nature Center introduces the little ones to the wonders of nature and is a great way to develop a love for the natural world around them.

Vintage Baseball In The Catskill Mountains

I know, it’s winter, but talkin’ baseball is great any time of the year and I’m talking authentic baseball. The classic game as played in the late 1800s. […]

The Mark of Time

It’s odd how in our minds we mark off time. The things and people we associate with different events in our lives and how vivid those memories can be.

Chipotle Chile Wave Bark

Hot chocolate? Why not! This vegan creation from Luckey Chocolates in Saugerties, NY, will take you out of the ordinary and into the unusual.