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Ulster County, NY

Ulster County

Ulster County, NY, is a beautiful area where the Catskill Mountains meet the Hudson River Valley. It boasts a rich blend of American and local history. It offers various activities, including outdoor recreation, quaint villages, urban nightlife, great restaurants, arts and artisanal products, and some of the best strolling villages in the Hudson River Valley.

Ulster County is a popular vacation destination that has continued to attract visitors for many decades. The County has various outdoor landscapes, such as the Catskill Mountains, the Hudson River, Minnewaska State Park, Catskill Park, Shawangunk Mountains, and the Shawangunk Ridge. Visitors can enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing, horseback riding, kayaking, rock climbing, hunting, and fishing.

The County also boasts over 40 miles of rail trails, including the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, and O&W Rail Trail. The Walkway Over the Hudson, the world’s longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge spanning the Hudson River, is connected to trails within Ulster County.

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