Hudson Valley Sojourner | A Guide To The Hudson River Valley

Local Meat & Poultry

Here’s the locavore’s delight! Where in the Hudson Valley you can find locally raised, locally smoked, and locally sold meats and poultry.

Pierson’s Natural Beef and Evergreen Farm

Pierson's Natural Beef and Evergreen Farm offers natural beef by the side. You get steaks, roasts, ribs and meat from naturally raised animals.

Eureka Market & Cafe

Eureka Market & Cafe in Grahamsville NY offers fresh-baked, home-cooked food, locally-sourced produce, dairy and meats, and gourmet market goods.

John Fazio Farm Market and BBQ

John Fazio Farm Market and BBQ offers farm fresh produce and meats and some of the most delicious BBQ found in the Hudson Valley.

Rossi Farm Beef

Rossi Farm currently raise Hereford beef cows with no growth hormones or antibiotics. They direct market to local customers by the side or split side.

Kesicke Farm Cattle

Kesicke Farm Cattle sells natural Black Angus beef and other meats along with produce and seasonal fruits.

East Fishkill Provisions Smoke Haus

East Fishkill Provisions Smoke Haus smokes their own hams and turkeys, cure their own corned beef. smoke their own bacon and produce German specialties.

Table Local Market

Table Local Market connects the community with the farmers that harvest our locally grown foods and provides an alternative to the industrial food market.

Mountain Products Smokehouse

Mountain Products Smokehouse offers a wide range of smoked meats, fish, poultry, sausage, cheese, and specialty items that are unique to their company.

Smokehouse Of The Catskills

For over five decades SmokeHouse of the Catskills has been known as “purveyors of the finest quality meats available in the Hudson Valley.

Highland Farm All Natural Venison

Highland Farm is nestled in the heart of the Hudson Valley, and has supplied the northeast with the finest all natural, farm-raised venison since 1989.

Kinderhook Farm Grass Fed Meats & FarmStay

Kinderhook Farm produces 100% grass-fed beef and lamb on a 1000 acre Hudson Valley Farm that includes a rustic yet elegant FarmStay barn.

Fleisher’s Grass-Fed & Organic Meats

Fleisher’s Meats carries premium products from local farmers who have raised their animals on a primarily grass-based diet or organically-raised.

Root ‘N Roost Farm

Root 'N Roost Farm has an on-farm stand that carries all the seasonally available products, including produce, herbs, flowers, fruit, poultry, eggs.

Pigasso Farms Pasture Raised Meats

Pigasso Farms provides pasture raised meats; pork, beef, lamb, chicken and eggs that are are hormone and antibiotic free.

Stone Tavern Horse Farm

Stone Tavern Farm offers full fun and adventure with Western & English riding, ATVs, paintball, fishing, lodging, and camps for kids.

Neversink Organic Farm and Store

Neversink Organic Farm is located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains and produces vegetables, fruits, flowers, honey, eggs and pork.

Wil Hi Farms

Wil Hi Farms is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York State and offers yarn and meat products from their own heard of sheep.

Rexcroft Farm

Rexcroft Farm is a 7th generation family farm and CSA located in Athens NY raising over 250 varieties of vegetables, fruits and meats.

McEnroe Organic Farm

McEnroe Organic Farm is committed to organic and sustainable agriculture. The farm produces certified organic produce, meats and garden transplants.

Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard

Harvest Moon Farm offers local honey, fresh fruits and vegetables, their own farm fresh eggs, local dairy products, their own grass-fed beef, maple syrup, cider doughnuts, fresh baked pies, homemade fudge

Cowberry Crossing Farm & Farm Stay

Cowberry Crossing Farm is certified organic and biodynamic produce and meats available through their Community Supported Agriculture program or at select farmers markets.

Dancing Lamb Farm & Icelandic Sheep Dairy

The farm raises lambs that are grass fed on untreated pastures. They sell whole lamb (approximately 25-35 lbs) cut and wrapped.

Saugerties Farmers Market

Year around outdoor/indoor farmers market offering local farm products, crafts, and food.

Roxbury Farm

Roxbury Farm is a community supported farm growing biodynamic vegetables, herbs, and grass fed pork, lamb, and beef for over 1000 shareholders […]

Lowland Farm

Lowland Farm beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished from cows raised from start to finish on the pastures of their own farm.

Kinderhook Farm

Kinderhook Farm is one of the largest producers of 100% grass-fed beef and lamb in the Hudson Valley. With over 1,000 acres of rolling hay meadows and pastures, they raise cattle and sheep on a 100% grass and legume diet that includes no grain, antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products.

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Kezialain Farm Organic Beef

Kezialain Farm offers meat from USDA certified organic cattle that are totally grass fed and raised on their own farm.

Heather Ridge Farm and Bees Knees Cafe

Heather Ridge Farm offers grassfed meats, eggs, turkey artisan sausages, garlic & herbs, pure raw honey and and lunch at the Bees Knees Cafe.

Gansvoort Farm

Gansvoort Farm raise sheep and Devon beef cows on organically-managed pastures using humane and sustainable practices.

Hickory Field Farm Grassfed Beef

Hickory Field Farm is a small family-run farm located in Orange County, NY, producing 100% grassfed, purebred Angus beef.

Herondale Farm

Herondale Farm raises 100% grass fed beef and lamb, pasture raised chicken and pork in their natural environment and with their natural diets.

Fox Hill Farm Grassfed Beef

Fox Hill Farm Raises grassfed / grassfinished beef in an environmentally sustainable manner with rotational grazing of heritage breeds

Movable Beast Farm

Movable Beast Farm offers 100% grass fed beef from the Rondout Valley of New York State.

Quaker Street Store

Quaker Street Store is known for their quality smoked meats using old world, time honored recipes and the highest quality meats and spices available.

Feather Ridge Farm Eggs And Chickens

Feather Ridge Farm provides all natural eggs fresh from The Hudson Valley with no antibiotics, no hormones, no byproducts, and all vegetarian feed.

Full Moon Farm

Family owned and operated, Full Moon Farm offers grass fed beef, lamb and goat as well as pastured pork and chicken.

Dragonfly Pond Farms Meat and Poultry

Dragonfly Pond Farms is a small family run farm specializing in natural poultry, meats and eggs.

Kiernan Farm

Kiernan Farm offers all cuts of grass fed beef. Their predominantly Angus-Hereford crosses are finished only on green pastures

Grazin Angus Acres

Grazin Angus Acres raises quality grass-fed and finished Black Angus in a sustainable eco-friendly environment. No antibiotics. No hormones. No grain.

Lucky Dog Farm and Farm Store

Lucky Dog Farm and Farm Store offers their own organic vegetables and a mix of local products ranging from artisan cheese to fresh baked bread.