Catskill Mountain Organic Herbs products are all grown organically and wildcrafted in areas free of human pollution and traffic across the Catskill Mountain’s pristine wilderlands and farm country.

They use no plastic in the growth, harvest or preparation of products. Herbs and elements are stored in lead free glass or wood containers and use no chemicals or pesticides on their grounds.

Catskill Mountain Organic Herbs produces handcrafted teas, tinctures, organic remedies and face and body products, design, consultation and installation of custom dream gardens focusing on earth stewardship.

The products are sent to you in glass, wood, or in biodegradable packaging materials. They use no preservatives or imported ingredients and do not order stock from suppliers in large quantities. These products are “Micro Batches” and in very limited supply due to the high quality and freshly grown components. They are truly hand grown, hand harvested and wildcrafted, very potent and fresh.