Mountain Spirit Botanicals creates a wide selection of skincare products based on plant medicinals. They prepare all of their botanical products by hand in true artisan style, ensuring freshness, effectiveness and integrity.

All products are free from harsh chemicals, preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Their line of botanicals is respected as “Vegan,” made without the use of animal products (other than those items containing bee’s wax).

As an alternative to products that are chemically mass-produced, Mountain Spirit Botanicals created a product line exclusively from plant material. Every ingredient is either a plant or the by-product of a plant or tree that has been organically cultivated or ethically wild-harvested. No compromise.

Mountain Spirit Botanicals Products

All Purpose Salve
Body Butter
Butt Balm
Coconut Kukui Cleansing Balm
Gardener’s Hand Cream
Lemongrass Facial Polish
Mango Blossom Moisturizer
Mountain Rose Facial Oil
Rose Geranium Hydrosol
Sage Blossom Facial Oil
Sweet Meadows Bath / Body Oil