The Berry Farm in Chatham NY is a local, family-owned and operated u-pick farm and farm store, specializing in natural, organic and local produce and products as well as no spray, pesticide-free greens and vegetables from our greenhouses throughout the year.

Specializing in local, all-natural and organic products, The Berry Farm farm-store carries produce and products from over 100 local vendors year round.

Chatham Berry Farm Products

      • Fresh greens and vegetables from our greenhouses and local farms
      • Ethnic foods such as Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican, Italian, Indian and American
      • Gluten-free & dairy-free products
      • Local free-range eggs and local dairy products
      • Free-range, antibiotic & hormone-free meats and poultry (fresh, frozen and smoked)
      • Fresh seafood available daily (special requests/cuts available upon 24 hour notice)
      • Fresh baked goods made in the Berry Farm kitchen
      • Fresh cut flowers! Pesticide & chemical free, safe to sniff! Grown at the farm! (When in season!)

      And More:

Fresh & frozen meat & seafood.
Local, grass-fed frozen beef, pork, local free-range whole chickens, American raised antibiotic-free & hormone free meats, sustainably sourced seafood, Oscar’s Smokehouse smoked meats.

Our handmade sausages are made weekly using only the finest & freshest ingredients. Featuring locally sourced meat, fresh herbs, spices & all natural casings.

Fresh cut seafood is available daily in our refrigerated store cases. Special orders can be satisfied with 24 hour notice.